The Jerk Next Door by Komal Kant

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29482799The Jerk Next Door by Komal Kant

Pages: Kindle Edition
Published: 12/27/16
ating: four stars.fw


There was a naked man sprawled across my front yard.

Not half naked. Not metaphorically naked. Literally stark, bare-butt naked.

Single, lacking cooking skills, and too awkward to function, Isla Matthews is content to spend her nights alone, curled up on the couch with her cat.

When she’s not knee-deep in the personal lives of her embarrassingly zany friends, she can be found struggling to keep afloat the cute, little flower shop her parents left her after their deaths. Having thrown aside her dreams of being an artist, Isla’s almost convinced herself she’s happy with her safe, comfortable routine.

That is until a super-hot, Australian man shows up naked in her front yard—her new neighbor, Leo Wayland.

As far as Isla’s concerned, Leo is the stuff that neighbor nightmares are made of. An irritating, free spirit with no boundaries, he eats her food, uses her hot water, and, worst of all, saunters around shirtless, causing her to have all kinds of inappropriate thoughts about him.

But as much as Leo rubs her the wrong way, Isla can’t deny that he is filling up her lonely nights with his annoying smirks, making her laugh again, and daring her to change, one day at a time.

Maybe, just maybe, Leo Wayland is exactly the smoldering intervention Isla needs to get her life back on track…

My Thoughts:

This book was one of the most hilarious rom coms I have ever read. I was initially hesitant reading books by this author because most of her previous books just weren’t developed well and were not written well. Despite the low Goodreads rating, this book seemed like one I would like and I was not disappointed.

Ilsa is one of the most hilarious heroines I have ever encountered. There were parts in the book where I was laughing my head out because of funny thoughts and jokes. This book brightened up my day. Leonardo “Leo” Wayland was another hilarious hero. Is jerkiness was nice because it rilled up Ilsa and the banter between them made me want to laugh.

Although there were a lot of laughing out loud moments, this book did disappoint me in someways. I think this book was just way too long. There were some parts that just dragged on. The part where Ilsa and Leo fight and don’t see each other for while just lasted too long. The ending was just kind of a meh. I wish the romance could have been a bit more prominent in the beginning and the chemistry was more obvious. Despite this flaw, this book will receive four stars.