Book Review: When Constellations Form by Micalea Smeltzer

Book Review: When Constellat..

This book is such a sweet sequel to When Stars Collide! It is just as steamy and just so much more adorable.

When Constellations Form takes place three years after When Stars Collide. Xander is in the NFL and Thea is going to graduate college. Things seem great until: bam the baby.

This book was a really nice addition. It was really awesome to see one of my favorite couples have a family and all grown up. There are a lot of changes between them, but they are so much nicer and sweeter.

Posted November 4, 2017
Book Review:  Forever by Micalea Smeltzer

Book Review: Forever by Mic..

Title: Forever(Fallen #3) Pages: 202 Published: 4/22/15 Goodreads Rating:  Summary: Everything has been leading them to this moment… Jonathon and Kylie have something The Originals want… Something The Originals will fight to the death to have… Something Jonathon and Kylie will die to protect… War is looming between vampires and The Originals… […]

Posted October 29, 2017
Book Review: Fallen by Micalea Smeltzer

Book Review: Fallen by Mical..

Title: Fallen (Fallen #1) Pages: 301 Goodreads Rating:  Date Published: 7/10/17 Blurb:   Seventeen year old Kylie Lyons’ life has fallen apart. Her parents’ divorce results in Kylie being uprooted from her sunny California home and now she has to move to Rome, Italy with her catatonic mother. Little does she […]

Posted October 25, 2017
Book Review: Unveiling Ghosts by Jeannine Allison

Book Review: Unveiling Ghost..

What a beautiful and emotional romance! I was hooked on the first word and could never stop reading this book. I was up all night yesterday and today just trying to finish it because I couldn’t get enough.

Allison has done an amazing job creating characters who are just so real. Hunter and Sherry have been in love and best friends since childhood. A tragic turn of events four years ago turned both of their worlds apart and finally they meet after four years. This book is a beautiful second chance romance.

Posted October 17, 2017