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Book Review: Inspiring You by Jessica Sorensen

Book Review: Inspiring You b..

My Thoughts: Inspiring You is the final book and the conclusion to Ayden and Lyric’s love story. I throughly enjoyed reading this book and the entire series. My favorite part of this book was the progression of Lyric and Ayden’s relationship. Things are much more steamier. I like how there […]

Posted January 3, 2018
Book Review: Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen

Book Review: Unraveling You ..

My Thoughts: Unraveling You is such an awesome and touching first novel in the Unraveling You Series. It features angst, great family moments, and awesome lead characters. Unraveling You is the first book in a four part saga. It features Ella and Micha’s daughter, Lyric, and Lila and Ethan Gregory’s […]

Posted January 3, 2018
Book Review: The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

Book Review: The Forever of ..

The Forever of Ella and Micha is the continuation of Ella and Micha’s story. I fell even more in love with the couple. The struggles they encountered together is just amazing and shows how much they are meant for each other. Long distance. Long distance is the new issue between […]

Posted December 30, 2017
Book Review: Rae of Sunshine Micalea Smeltzer

Book Review: Rae of Sunshine..

This book is such a sweet sequel to When Stars Collide! It is just as steamy and just so much more adorable.

When Constellations Form takes place three years after When Stars Collide. Xander is in the NFL and Thea is going to graduate college. Things seem great until: bam the baby.

This book was a really nice addition. It was really awesome to see one of my favorite couples have a family and all grown up. There are a lot of changes between them, but they are so much nicer and sweeter.

Posted November 4, 2017
Book Review: Blind Reader Wanted by Georgia La Carre

Book Review: Blind Reader Wa..

Title: Blind Reader Wanted Pages: 298 Goodreads Rating:  Date Published: 1/6/17 Blurb: Lara. I was born into darkness. Just like a puppy, only my darkness is eternal. Everyone else sees a world I can only imagine, but hey, don’t pity me. I don’t. I’ve got a lot of imagination, and I’ve made […]

Posted September 10, 2017