Book Review: Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis

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29800388Title: Saven Deliverance (Saven #5)
Pages: Kindle Edition
Published: 2/20/17
Rating: four stars.fw


The Truth Will Set Us Free

I’ve been lied to and betrayed my whole life.
Revealing the truth is the only thing that matters.
The truth truly will set us free.

With the political landscape shifting in the galaxy, and the tenuous situation on Earth growing more fraught by the day, Sadie knows time is running out to save mankind. Torn between conflicting agendas, she is forced to make difficult choices that lead to bloody battles and situations she’s not entirely comfortable with.

But this is war, and war means sacrifice.

Ax’s betrayal weighs heavy on her heart and her mind, but it doesn’t override her concern for his welfare. Her desire to protect both the boys she loves is as strong as ever.

Logan has been inaugurated as the new Saven king, but he’s struggling to cope with the pressure of responsibility and the revelation about who Axton is. His people are strongly opposed to Sadie, but she is his forever love and he won’t do anything without her by his side. Faced with impossible obstacles, he is preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love.

When the final battle draws near, and it’s time to fight the enemy head on, who will be left standing? And will there be anything left to fight for?

My Thoughts:

Wow! I can’t believe that I just finished this series. The Saven series was a thrilling, romantic, and heartbreaking ride.

There is so much happening on Earth, Tor, and Saven. Like seriously. I just cannot imagine how much Sadie and Logan have to go through.

In this book, I liked Sadie and disliked her at times. I felt her “love” for Ax just got on my nerves. I felt that he was a lying spineless bastard. I can understand where he is coming from, but honestly I felt that Sadie should’ve just let Ax go. However, I overall did enjoy Sadie’s character. She has a heart of gold. She cares so much and she is just so forgiving. I love that she cares so much for Logan and is stronger than ever. Plus, there are some scenes where she is such a kick butt heroine. That was just awesome.

I’ve got to say I loved Logan in this book more than anyone else. Logan was just the best book boyfriend. I love that he is real. He isn’t afraid to show of his emotions. Boy, when he showed his vulnerability and his struggles to Sadie I almost swooned right then and there. I mean seriously he has so much to deal with and he handles it so strongly. Also, his unconditional love for Sadie is one of the best highlights of the book. Sadie is just so lucky to have Logan by her side.

Honestly, apart from the great plot line and I just felt the ending of the book was a bit rushed. I don’t know, I just felt something was missing at the end. I felt that a lot of characters who were evil did not have the show down they deserved.

I really loved the series overall. Davis did a great job! I can’t wait to read more of her books. The only reason I didn’t give this book five instead of four is because I felt that there was something more needed towards the end.

Otherwise, I highly recommend this series. Great job Davis!

Favorite Quotes:

“When you told me you loved me, I nearly capitulated. Walking away from you was absolute torture, and I don’t care what happens from here on out, but I am never ever leaving you again. Not that I needed any more evidence, but I would die without you in my life. I can’t exist without you. I won’t. Sue me if I’m selfish”

~Saven Disclosure

“If I die now, promise me you won’t blame yourself. Have the courage to go on without me, to do what needs to be done. I love you so much, and it’s enough that your face is the last I’ll see.”

~Saven Disclosure

“There have been plenty of occasions in my life when I’ve felt small and insignificant, when I’ve wished to be something I’m not, but when Logan holds me like this, kisses me like this—like the universe starts and ends with me—I don’t want to be anyone but myself.”

~Saven Deliverance

“No one is ever taking my baby from me again.”

~Saven Deliverance

“I can’t be whole without you. You aren’t merely the greatest love of my life—you’re the only love of my life. You are my beating heart, my conscious mind, the essence of my soul, the blood that flows through my veins, the tenacity that drives me to lead our nation into the future. Without you, none of that exists. I can’t exist. I can’t go on without you.”

~Saven Deliverance

“I plead.
I beg.
I cry.
I laugh.
I kiss her.

I kiss her some more.
I slam my fist into the wall.
I scream in rage.
I kiss her and say I’m sorry.”

~Saven Deliverance