Book Review: Saven Defiance by Siobhan Davis

Posted July 5, 2017 by soaringu in five star, science fiction, young adult / 0 Comments

25820867Title: Saven Defiance (Saven #4)
Pages: Kindle Edition
Published: 8/22/16
Rating: five-stars



I’ve promised to protect those I love.
But someone is lying to me.
Will I discover the truth in time to save him?

With war looming in outer space and the Earthen government forced into hiding, the battle for ultimate world domination is only just beginning.

Having accepted her identity, Sadie sets out on a daring quest with her friends, which takes them deep into alien territory. Fraught with tension and danger, the journey is not an easy one, especially when previous adversaries become new allies and cherished friends become suspicious opponents.

As the heirs unite in a bid to restore peace to the galaxy, powerful enemies, determined to exact retribution,surround them on all sides. When hidden agendas and shocking revelations come to light, the fallout is massive.

Sadie’s love life is a tangled, messy affair. While one relationship is embraced forever, another spirals out of control, threatening to destroy everything. Determined to do the right thing, Sadie will fight hard to protect those she loves.

But there are some battles she cannot win.

My Thoughts:

Wow! The series just keeps on getting better and better. Well done Davis!

I’ve got to say that Saven Defiance by far is the best book in the series. There is so much to it. There is sweet, heart wrenching romance, pounding action, and unimaginable twins.

Sadie has just been through so much again. She just keeps on growing and growing. I love that she hangs on to her love for Logan despite what Axton says. She is just so devoted. However, she also has a backbone. I love that when the guys want to keep on protecting her she doesn’t back down and wants to get things done her way. She is stubborn and Davis does a great job making that trait shine.

Logan is more swooney than ever. He is just so sweet. OMG, I won’t spoil it for you, but when they just do it (I won’t tell you what it is) I love the tenderness he has towards Sadie. Sure, he is badass and everything, but that doesn’t make him thickskulled and arrogant. Logan I’ve got say has grown on me in this book. His maturity is beyond his years and I just feel so much for all that he has been through.

I love the entire plot line. (Again, I know!). It just’s so fast and cool. There are so many heart breaking scenes. There are some incredible twists that you won’t expect. Also, some characters do suffer from some pretty cruel fates. Dante is just a horrible person and you get to see more.

My only tiny issue with the book is that I wish that Sadie wasn’t involved with Axton. I felt the love triangle was a bit uncessary. It just felt that things didn’t line up.

However, all that’s said, I love this book. Davis, great job on the third installment. I can’t wait to read the final book of this series.