Book Review: Possession of Souls by Lacey Weatherford

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Title: Possession of Souls13403366
Published: 1/11/11
Rating: three stars.fw


Fear and desperation leave Portia and Vance clinging to threadbare hope as life is given, and taken away. Manipulated, driven by bloodlust and the desire to claim sole possession, the stakes are raised higher than they’ve ever been before. Evil rises with the intent to dominate, leading them and their coven to the ultimate confrontation-a battle which will force one of them to make a devastating, life-altering decision. Who will survive the final stand?

My Thoughts: 

I am really sad to say that I was disappointed with the ending of this series. I felt that the entire book was draggy and the twists and extra characters really did not add on.

In the beginning, Portia and Vance are in captive with Damien. The first quarter of the book is with them trying to escape and some smooching. I felt that the entire captivity was very dull. There was just torturing and Damien turning incredibly evil. Portia’s blood being lusted after over and over again. It just felt repetitive. I frankly just skipped over this part of the book because I wanted to finish the series and hope it would get better.

Unfortunately, the book by mid way does not get much better. We get to see more of Damien his horrendous torturing of the people around him. I feel that why did we drag this evil guy for five books. We are just hoping for him to be killed or something like that. Things happen. Portia and Vance are ever put to the test. I just felt again, it was dragged.

I was hoping that by the ending something would be clamatic. Honestly, I felt the ending was just rushed. It felt like why did we wait for the final scene after spending so much time with the characters. The unexpected twists and turns at the end was like just enough for me. I almost wanted to not finish it.

On the plus side, I love the strength Vance and Portia have. They are incredibly strong and you can see their true character. Their character really shined throughout the book. As a couple, I think that this is where they are the strongest. I am happy that they finally ended up the way that I am rooting them for. Of course, there are some extremely passionate scenes. Boy, I wanted to combust. What is it with this couple and the way they kiss. Vance is just an extremely skilled kisser.

The writing of this book is another plus. I felt that Weatherford did a great job telling the story despite the draggy plot line. I felt that Portia’s voice was great. I sometimes wish though that we had gotten more of Vance. Having more Vance would have been cool.

Overall, I had some mixed feelings of this book. I felt that there were some parts lacking. However, the reason this book received three stars is due to enjoying the previous books. I have to say that despite the disappointing ending, this series is one of the best I read.