Book Review: Haven by Karen Lynch

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by Karen Lynch
Book Review: Haven by Karen LynchHaven (Relentless #5) by Karen Lynch
Published by Karen Lynch on May 2nd 2017
Genres: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 519
Format: ePub
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Things are going well for Roland Greene. High school is behind him, he has a sweet new ride, a good job, and he’s making plans for his future. At eighteen, he’s one of the strongest werewolves in his pack, and he already has more vampire kills than most wolves have in a lifetime. Life is good. Almost.

It’s time for the annual pack gathering. Wolves from all over Maine come to take care of pack business and socialize – and to find mates. Everywhere Roland turns there are unmated females, and as the Alpha’s nephew, he’s prime mate material. The last thing he wants right now is a mate, and he’ll do all he can to stay a free wolf.

Until he meets her.

My Thoughts

I have been holding reading this book for seven months because I did not want to devour and just suffer from severe book withdrawals! However, I finally did succumb and did pick that sucker up. It was throughly amazing! I loved reading every single minute of it. Haven is the fifth book in the Relentless series by Karen Lynch. Karen has done a phenomenal job writing, making an awesome plot line, and creating an amazing story.

Haven features Roland and Emma. Roland and Emma are two characters that you will encounter if you have read the initial trilogy. Both characters are just plain amazing and have an amazing relationship.

Roland is an alpha in training. He does not want to have a mate. He is powerful and most definitely a lady’s man, and kind of a playboy. However, Roland is so much more. He is one of my most favorite YA book boyfriends. He is sweet, powerful, and a werewolf. Can this guy get any more perfect? Of course he has flaws and makes mistakes, but he immediately fixes them. Everything he does is with good intentions. Also, his love for Emma. It is just unfathomable. I love how realized that he was helplessly falling in love with her. His love for her is so deep. I want my own Roland.

Emma has been through so much. I love Emma. She is so strong and been through such horror. Initially, she is extremely quiet and does not talk to people. However, as the story progresses, she starts warming up and is a really sweet person. I can see how Roland fell for her. And what is unique about Emma is that she possesses such a tender heart. She is so open about the were world and kind to people.

The entire romance between Emma and Roland is superb. Karen has done a great job making the characters complement each other. I love that they both start out as friends. The friendship is sweet and totally adorable. Then the progress from friends to lovers happens and I was totally swooning. I read this book so up late in the night because I was totally shipping Roland and Emma. The romance between them is much more steamier than it is in the previous books, as it is an upper YA. However, the steam really did them justice. There is so much emotion and love. The final scene between them had me fanning myself and totally loving the sweetness.

The world building and focus on the were world was less prominent. The book focused more on the romance as opposed to the previous books. And, I am glad it did so. There is a lot of angst. However, it was really awesome to know about the werewolves. I love the pack dynamic and how kind everyone is. There are some terrible people out there. But, the overall pack makes it up. And, other members such as Shannon, and the side characters were such nice additions. They made the story move on and have amazing moments of true friendship and family dynamic.

Overall, this book is just plain superb. I definitely recommend you read it. Karen did her job well. I will definitely be rereading this book for days to come! Six plus stars!


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