Book Review: An Inconvient Wife by Katy Madison

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An Inconvenient Wife by Katy Madison

Pages: 203
Published: 8/25/13
Rating: five-stars


Brandi Yeats wants gold—Olympic gold, but she needs a new ice dancing partner. One man is available, but he’s totally wrong for her, and he’s the wrong nationality. Marriage is the only way they can compete for the same team. So what’s a girl to do when her dreams are on the line? What she won’t do is have an affair with the broody, but far too attractive, Russian, even if he is her husband.

Nikolai Petronof is willing to do anything to skate with a strong competitor like Brandi—even trap himself in a lie he can’t get out of. Everyone warns him not to mix fire and ice, but he can’t help himself. That is until he’s caught in a hands-off marriage of convenience that is far too inconvenient…

My Thoughts: 

I came across this book purely by fluke. After reading the Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Marina Zapata, I was craving for a marriage of convenience where there the hero and heroine fall in love. Well, my hopes were high and I was excited to read this book. And boy, it did not let me down.

This is my first book by Madison. The writing and plot line was great in this book. I love the third person point of view , but switching between the two characters. Brandi and Nikolas are great characters. The way Madison wrote the POV demonstrated that they were well developed and how there was a ton of angst.

The characters are awesome in this book. Nikolas is my new book boyfriend. He is sweet, caring, and just about perfect. I love the way he cares for Brandi and attempts to care for her. When we read his thoughts, you can literally see how good at heart he is. He is considerate and never pushes Brandi. (view spoiler) Nikolas has flaws, but they make him better. His patience and trust makes him a great hero. I also love his attempts to woo Brandi. Poor guy. He is stuck with his limited English and attempts to do so, which he successfully does. Brandi is another amazing character. I love her spunk. She is feisty and takes no crap from people. Plus, she is incredibly hardworking. I love that she does not bully people and is kind. When her previous partner quits, she does not go on a rampage. She is sweet and thoughtful. I love her stubbornness. Most authors make their heroines so stubborn that it gets extremely annoying. Madison makes Brandi’s quirks and personality traits make her an awesome person.

I love the romance in the book. Of course, why would this even be a marriage of convenience if there is no romance? I love the chemistry and the slow pace love between Nikolas and Brandi. There is tension and both of them have feelings for each other. What is hilarious and awesome is that both of them try to suppress their feelings thinking that the other doesn’t have feelings. The moments with them alone is incredibly sweet. They were an old married couple before they even got married, which is funny because they weren’t even aware.

My first read of Madison’s book really set the bar high. I enjoyed her characters and the writing. There wasn’t any major issues and this book left me really happy and rooting for the couple. Therefore, this book will receive five stars.