Book Review: Alpha by Regan Ure

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Title: Alpha (Forever #1)
Pages : 236
Source : iBooks
Rating :
Published: 8/8/15


Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Hayes is living her life by her own rules. Losing her parents at a young age has made her strong and fiercely independent. She knows exactly who she is and nothing is going to change that. Everything starts to change for her when she moves to a new town. She meets Cade Presley. He is domineering and arrogant which makes her detest him at first sight. She learns a secret that will unravel her perfect life and lead her into a world she never knew existed. Embracing her new life is difficult when it pulls her closer to Cade. Finding out you are destined to be with someone forever is hard to handle especially when you want to throttle them every time you see them. The attraction she feels for him is undeniable and there is no fighting destiny.

My Thoughts:

This book leaves me with many disappointed feelings.

First, lemme start with the characters. Scarlette is the main character in this book. Her parents were killed tragically seven years ago and she has moved around. She had amazing strength and is fiercely independent. I loved and hated Scarlett at times. I loved that she is independent and is a kickass. She knows how to fend herself. But her self righteousness and hormonal got annoying and repetitive at times. When she meets Cade, she come across as standoffish. She hates him and I hate that she judges him at first. That just got on my nerves. I was like at times gimme a break lady. However, her fierce independence really made me love Scarlett. She put up with sexism in the werewolf world and wanted to be her own person.

Cade was your sweet typical alpha male. But I really wish that his stereotypical bad boy ways did not exists. I found his sexism, overprotectiveness, and blindness over respective. He really need a good noogie. I felt that Cade had so much more potential though. I knew he had good intentions and that made him win my heart but not so much.

The romance was a major issue in the book. It was insta love. There is no depth to it. The soul mates concept is nice but it did not enrich the romance. It’s like two peeps hate each other then love each other. Plus the chemistry wasn’t too hot either. I felt that there romance was just driven by hormones. Everything they felt is for the soul mate connection.

The plot was quiet average. I felt that it was quiet cliched. You had Normal plain Jane meet alpha man. She realizes that she is not quiet normal. Then she starts a journey. Big battle and some loony bin bad guy and then done. The plot honestly left me hanging. I needed more but too bad it’s a standalone.

Overall, this book left my really disappointed. I’m being kind by giving it two stars because there was some minor stuff of the book I read. I would not recommend this book to people.